Vegan mama from Liverpool, UK.  Knitter and all round craft enthusiast.

I became a yarn lover as a young child when my Nanna taught me to knit at around age 6.  I was hooked.  It started off with a scarf for my Barbie doll (which took me months to make) and then on to a long list of un-finished projects which I kept in a box under the bed.  The reason so many got left…. the love of new yarn!  When Nanna would bring round some yarn for me to try I instantly had to start something new.  Only in recent years have a forced myself to be sensible and finish what I’m working on.  But yarn shopping remains one of my favourite activities!

I tried crochet 3 or 4 times in my teens….. I just couldn’t get it.  However, working in a lovely yarn shop in my early twenties, I met loads of fellow crafters with great patience.  I’m no crochet master, but I do love a granny square!

I’ve created this blog to document my knitting adventures and all other crafts that come with it.  Maybe some vegan yarn reviews, shop updates and a little bit about my general life….. we’ll play it by ear.




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