Plant babies

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I don’t know a lot about plants.  One of my childhood friends had a couple of cacti plants in her room, I was always fascinated by them.  How can these spiky things that never grow be plants?  Turns out that yes, they are spiky…. but they do actually grow!

The past year or so, since moving into the house, I’ve had a little go at being a plant mom.  Here’s my plant babies:


The top left plant is my newest.  It’s a striped African plant (not it’s official name).  It seems to be settling in well into its new pot.  All my pots are found at charity shops.  I like to use things that aren’t usually plant pots.  The exception to the charity shop pots is the one on the bottom right.  I picked up this lovely lady at the wonderful TIGER shop.  If you don’t know of Tiger…. It’s brilliant.  It’s a real treasure trove of unusual treats you didn’t know you needed.  And it’s all mega cheap! We don’t have a Tiger shop in Liverpool, though one would fit in perfectly, I think the nearest is Preston.  Most of them are down south and I picked this lady pot up in Swansea.

Anyway, the main reason for this post is the lovely cactus in the Strawberry Preserve pot.  I acquired this little fella just before Christmas and it was mini.  Since I’ve had it, it’s grown seven new little ears and I can see more ready to pop up.  So they Do in fact grow well.

I must find some cacti/succulent blogs.  They must exist.  I need tips for the cacti on the top right.  Not grown a single millimetre in almost a year.


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