Just who is Cosmostitch?

First blog post alert!  Thought id better do an introductary post, so here goes…..

I’m Sarah, a knitter, mama to a nearly two year old boy and part time charity worker from Liverpool, UK.  

We’re 5 days into a heatwave here in the UK and i’m writing this just a storm has started to rumble.  I’m quite pleased really, I’m hoping this means it’ll be a bit cooler tomorrow.  I don’t dislike the heat in general…. but it’s simply to hot to knit!  Sweaty knitting hands, urgh.  It’s the hottest heatwave since the mid 1970’s apparently.  We always moan about not having good summers here, so I’m trying not to moan too much… but really… i just want to do some stitching haha!

I’ve not long opened a new Etsy Shop.  Not my first shop, however.  From about 2008 to 2013 I had a shop selling my cross stitch designs and cross stitch kits.  I’ve moved away from that (for a while at least) and I’m focusing on my first true love.  Knitting.  And a bit of crochet, but mainly knitting.  If someone had told me a couple of years ago that i’d be knitting baby clothes of all things and then selling them, i would of laughed so hard.  I really disliked knitting baby things.  too small and fiddly i thought.  Well, i was wrong.  Here’s the first thing i knitted for my little baba, before he was actually born. 

Knitted fox jumper cosmostitch vegan knitting knitter

Knitted fox jumper cosmostitch vegan knitting knitter

Here’s the ravelry link.  I knitted it in just two evenings.  I was hooked.  So I’ve been working on my own knitting designs for babys and toddlers.  Not aimed at boys or girls inparticular, but using my favourite colour palette; mustard yellow, grey and aqua blue.  

Cosmostitch knitted romper vegan knitter knitting vegan etsy

the shop is still a work in progress but I currently have some knitited rompers listed and i aim to have cute hats and mittens for winter as well as the occasional blanket which i can work slowly on over time and then list whenevery they’re done.  So yes, Mother Nature are you reading?  a few degrees cooler tomorrow would be great thanks.  there’s things i need to knit! 

I’m about to go and catch up on my favoutire podcast/youtuber Potter&Bloom.  I’ve only recenty discovered her but I’d love to watch more podcasts that are similar.  Anyone watch good knitting/crochet podcasts?  Let me know please!  


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